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My Brush With Celebrity


One of the real gifts from doing my one man show, DIVA DISH! and writing my book about having a famous mom, JUST OUTSIDE THE SPOTLIGHT is that after a performance or a book signing, people always want to share their stories with me. We have all had our brush with celebrity…a time where we encountered the famous or the infamous that made us feel elevated, special, a part of the club.

My next book, MY BRUSH WITH CELEBRITY will be your stories based on real-life, personal encounters with the stars of yesterday and today. These anecdotes are not “trashy gossip”, but funny, heartfelt or uplifting stories about your encounters with the great public figures of our time. Maybe Madonna gave you a kind word in an elevator or Clint Eastwood did something wonderful for your kid. No doubt you love telling this story. Why not share it with the world?

For the next four months (from May-August, 2006) the top two stories each month will receive a free copy of my new book about my brushes with celebrity, JUST OUTSIDE THE SPOTLIGHT. Your story will also be in consideration for my next book, MY BRUSH WITH CELEBRITY.

Submission Guidelines:

1) Stories should have a beginning, middle and end. They should be positive, funny, uplifting or inspirational in nature.

2) By submitting your story, you are granting your permission for it to potentially be published. If your story is chosen for publication, you will be paid. Amount will be determined at the time of publication. If your story is chosen, you will be notified and your permission to print it will be formally requested.

3) Feel free to submit more than one story if you like. If you are submitting someone else’s story, be sure to include the author and/or source material.

4) Please include a short bio on yourself – one paragraph of 50 words or less. This can be promoting you, your latest book, project, etc.

5) Please include your mailing address. The top two stories each month (thru August 2006) will receive a free copy of JUST OUTSIDE THE SPOTLIGHT.

Submit your story in one of the following ways:

Yankee Hill Productions
3440 Hathaway Ave. #225
Long Beach, CA 90815